Bringing simplicity to "Design-build" delivery.

In the construction business success depends on accuracy and delivering on promises. It is our job to achieve this success by making project implementation simpler.

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We provide design services for various building structures. We have extensive experience and are well versed in the design norms, national standards and design traditions of Lithuania and the Scandinavian region.

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MU3a office buildings

Leeds, United Kingdom

Cyber City Office Building

Vilnius, Lithuania

Go Life residential buildings

Vilnius, Lithuania

Skylum residential buildings

Vilnius, Lithuania

Övertaget project

Jönköping, Sweden

Brf BonTop project

Gothenburg, Sweden

Partille Port project

Partille, Sweden

Nacka 1A residential buildings

Stockholm, Sweden

CORE administrative buildings

Vilnius, Lithuania

Piltavlan sporthall

Kalmar, Sweden

Office Buildings in Vilnius

Vilnius, Lithuania

Residential Building in Vilnius

Vilnius, Lithuania

Kv Mejeriet elderly house

Vaggeryd, Sweden

INHUS administrative building

Vilnius, Lithuania

Ryhov hospital

Jönköping, Sweden

Hotel IBIS

Vilnius, Lithuania

Clarion Hotel

Helsinki, Finland

Statoil Office Building

Harstad, Norway

IKEA Development Center

Älmhult, Sweden

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